Photo 10 Nov 4 notes The Spirit ~by Yildray Cinar

The Spirit ~by Yildray Cinar

Photo 10 Nov 10 notes Harley Quinn Sideshow Art ~by Stanley Lau (Artgerm)

Harley Quinn Sideshow Art ~by Stanley Lau (Artgerm)

Video 10 Nov 214 notes

The Names Harley and Power Girl  ~by Abraham Lopez aka seniorgoldenspork on deviantart


Text 9 Sep 4 notes Batman, The Black Mirror

Just finished the trade of Batman, The Black Mirror by Scott Snyder, art by Jock and Francesco Francavilla. This story is amazing, I don’t even know how to elaborate on this without spoiling. Best summary is Gotham has a darkness that infects the city. How does its hero’s Batman (Dick Grayson) and Commissioner Gordon keep going, and avoid loosing their own sense of morality. 

The art is amazing, Jock and Francesco were absolutely perfect for this story. The visuals are awe inspiring, and the colors/lighting set the mood. A visual feast!

Highly recommend getting this graphic novel for the collection, or if like myself no funds check if your local library has it on the shelves. 

Photo 9 Sep 18 notes drawing-bored:

bruce timm. so much love.


bruce timm. so much love.

Photo 24 Aug 18 notes Black Widow ~by Michael Dooney

Black Widow ~by Michael Dooney

Video 24 Aug 3,009 notes



Love it!

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Skottie Young’s Marvel NOW! Baby Variant Covers

Following the success of the Avengers Vs X-Men baby variant cover comissioned by Midtown Comics and the A Babies Vs X-Babies comic that inspired these covers, Marvel has Skottie Young doing Baby variant covers for all of the new Marvel now titles. Marvel will probably run these into the ground like they did with the Marvel Zombies franchise, but goddamn, look at how amazing Skottie Young’s art is. I’m not even really a Deadpool fan but that Baby Deadpool cover is adorable. 


Awww….too much cuteness…I am in cuteness overload!

Photo 24 Aug 543 notes brianmichaelbendis:

The Marvel universe by Art Adams


The Marvel universe by Art Adams

via BENDIS!.
Photo 15 Jul 598 notes retconpunch:

- Joelle Jones.


- Joelle Jones.

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